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Karla Shepherd

ESL Professor and Materials Developer, South Chung Cheong, South Korea

Karla Shepherd is a naturally talented individual, who has successfully trained many university students in the arts of reading, writing, listening, and speaking over the last 7+ years in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. She graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters of Applied Linguistics and ESL. Most of the materials that she utilizes in her coursework are materials, which have been designed and modified over the years to best suit the learning needs of her students.

Karla is currently working on a number of textbooks, one of which is an original textbook for learners of English who are interested in learning about the principles and elements of art. The main project that is currently of interest to Karla is the project that was begun in 2022, called YCM (Young Christian Media). YCM are activity books on Christian content, and English language learning materials for the youth, to encourage a healthy and active, faith-based lifestyle.


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