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Rudrarup Gupta, PhD

Dr Rurdrarup Gupta

Commercial Manager, Multifarious Projects Group, India

Rudrarup Gupta is an Academician, International Author, International Reviewer, International Editorial Board Member, Advisory Board Member and Rejuvenated Innovator. He does belong from an absolute eminent family in deed. He is unquestionably proud for his father Respected Malay Gupta, a renowned Business Man and a veteran writer in literature. On the other hand his mother Dr. Rumki Gupta, an elevated scientist in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India an Institute of National Importance. Rudrarup Gupta has touched the milestone of graduation (B.Com) from the University of Calcutta in 2005. Thereafter he joined National Institute of Management and he completed the MBA degree in a very befitting manner in 2009. On the contrary he had been associated with Indian Science News Association for his phenomenal creative writing to entrench the most destined Science Culture on account of our regimented nation India. A great matter of the fact was Rudrarup Gupta since 2007 had been emboldened to incept the research in Management. The key focus was “Essentiality of Leadership in our Global managerial Phenomena”. As per the progress he converted the elementary research to an astounding reflection of his scholastic mind and his academic brilliance at all. As a result he published the Book in Management entitled: Emanation of Leaders Magnificence from Lap Lambert International Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany in 2014. Then this astounding contribution has been flourished in all over the Globe with a very short while through the encyclopedic appreciation in deed. He has also published books entitled “Emanation of Leaders Magnificence: Global Omnipotence of Community Leadership Approach Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany” , The Exhilarating Cultural Metamorphosis Partridge, India, Head Quarter- Liberty Drive, Bloomington, USA. He is also enlisted in prestigious “Google Scholar Citation” in 2015.

Renowned Position:

Rudrarup Gupta has been appointed as “Vice President – Content (East Region)” of Aakhirkyon Media Pvt. Ltd renowned web portal in 2015.

Overseas Editor/Reviewer of American Institute of Science, USA.

Overseas Reviewer of Estonian Business School, Estonia.

International Editorial Board Member of Journal of Educational and Management Studies, Iran.

Overseas Reviewer of International Research Journal-“Problems and Perspectives in Management, Ukraine.

Overseas Reviewer of Top Class Journal of Business Management and Innovations, Brazil Overseas privileged Author of Lap Lambert International Academic Publishing, Germany.

Privileged Author of Partridge India, Head Quarter: 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, USA.

Rudrarup Gupta is a “Wide Personality”, who perceives that, “Education” is the heaven, where every individual shall have to fly to be empowered for inserting the inculcated thought, which is an ebullient pride of “knowledge”….

Research Interest

Tourism management
Hospitality Management
Organization Research
Marketing Management
SWOT Analysis
STP Analysis

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